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  1. I have just acquired a LINK dash display and would like to set it up with my Vipec V88 ECU, I have downloaded the Vipec installation manual but still can't get the display to talk to the ECU so to display the running figures. I was told you have to do the set up also on a laptop connected to the ECU but can't find any instructions. Need help to set it up please.
  2. I'm running a V88 Vipec , during Christmas I left my car alone for 4 weeks and all was running fine. Since iv returned from holidays I've added a second fuel pump to aux7 and also added an oil pressure sensor, and recalibrated the tps. When starting the engine the volts were dropping to 7v while cranking, I found a faulty power wire to the ECU and changed it which corrected the issue. Problem I'm having at the moment is the engine won't start! There are no error codes appearing so just lost as to why all of a sudden the engine won't fire up. Help needed cheers.
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