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  1. Hi Adam, Thanks a lot for your help in this. Much appreciated Thanks again
  2. Hi Adam, I have stock coils and ignition system I really thank you very much for helping me out here. I will apply these changes and let you know how I do in mean time, can you please help with setup of the dwell table? many thanks Best, Harry
  3. Hi All, please find attached Trigger scope and main file. Thanks Trigger Scope Log 2018-05-4 2;04;42 pm.llg Harry s14 1jzvvti - Musaed.pclr
  4. Hi All, Please find attached Log file for your reference I thank you all in advance Best, 1jzvvtiharry01.5.18.llg
  5. Hi Brad Please see the vvt setup file currently in the ecu Noted on other points
  6. Hi All My name is Harry and I have 1jzvvti s14. Stock. Long story short, i have been having issues with the tune I logged the run at the track and found the VVT errors in the file. It also has a trigger error 1. The cam angle test is set to 'Inlet LH'. I believe this should be off? My knowledge for VVT is basic and any help to rectify this would be greatly appreciated The car while drifting starts cutting power out like fuel cut
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