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  1. VQ180

    What ecu for dual DBW

    Thanks guys, I didn't think to look that far up the chain due to the price but I guess I have no option. Good to know Drexal, my setup is a vq30 with vq35/37 dual throttles.
  2. VQ180

    What ecu for dual DBW

    Hi all, as the title says I am trying to find out what ecu will do 2 drive by wire throttles. Will the xtreme do this or will I need a separate controller for this? If so how do I integrate the controller to a link? Thanks
  3. VQ180

    Vq30det question

    Hi all, I have a Vq30det and was wondering if a link g3 with g4 firmware or a g4 can run this engine with the standard cam and crank angle sensors? thanks
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