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Found 5 results

  1. Guys can you please take a look at the attached trigger scopes and suggest what values I should use in the arming threshold tables please. Trigger Scope Log 2020-03-19 2;02;21 pm 2000RPM.llg Trigger Scope Log 2020-03-19 2;08;11 pm 3000RPM.llg Trigger Scope Log 2020-03-19 2;08;45 pm 4000RPM.llg Trigger Scope Log 2020-03-19 2;19;40 pm START UP 0RPM.llg Trigger Scope Log 2020-03-19 2;01;17 pm 1000RPM.llg
  2. Hi, I'm trying to setup engine protection using RPM against Oil pressure but I'm have trouble setting the limit mode to 'Rotary Only'. The option is available on RPM & MAP but not on GP. Is this done intentionally?
  3. I've got an FD rx7 with a PNP g4+ ecu and I'm struggling to find which ignition channel correlates to which spark plug. I have the following information of the stock configuration but need to know which between IGN 1 and IGN 4 which one is Leading Front and Leading Rear. I would assume Ignition 4 automatically becomes Leading rear? But dont want to risk any engine damage. IGN 1 = Leading Plugs (Pin 4AN IGN 2 = Trailing Rear (Pin 4AJ) IGN 3 = Trailing Front (Pin 4AF) IGN 4 = AC Clutch (is now wired to coilpack 4 for direct fire) (Pin 4i) IGN 5 = Expansion Loom set to AC Clutch. Hopefully someone can help or can give me an idea on how to figure it out myself!
  4. I'm really hoping this is the correct place to ask this question, and I apologise if it isn't! I have an Rx7 S7-8 pnp G4+ Ecu that I'm using on my Bridgeport 13b. I'm ditching the stock ignition set-up in favour of the LS1 coil packs that are known to handle ignition demands much better in higher power situations. I'm hoping to figure out a way to run the leading plugs in direct fire, the same way the trailing plugs are. As the coil packs will struggle at higher RPM in the original wasted spark set up. I've found the factory three ignition outputs from the ECU for Leading 1 and 2, Trailing 1, and Trailing 2 and I've de-pinned them from the Ignitor plug ready to wire into the LS1 Coils. I'm now at a loss as to what to use for Ignition 4 as according to the manual that has been appointed to the Aircon-clutch (Which I intend to keep in the car). Is there another output I can set that to? Or will I need to purchase an expansion loom to gain Igntion 5,6,7 and 8. (I'd rather not purchase an expansion connector if avoidable, just to be able to run one more Ignition output for direct fire). I've used the help system to determine how to change the ignition mode to "Rotary - Leading Direct". I'm sure there is a very simple answer I'm missing and I apologise for that in advance! Thanks!
  5. OK, Faulty ECU replaced, new one installed and all CAN channels are now working, the car is running I've started calibrating the idle and low throttle angle areas of the VE table but its needing some really large % numbers to achieve the required lambda targets, almost like its twice what you usually expect to see, I have used the auto tune with fill right & down hence the crazy numbers in the table below. Have I missed a setting in the configuration? I can foresee that I will not have enough in the table to tune the higher load areas. The fuel pressure sensor has been calibrated and I'm happy this is accurate, fuel injectors are fully characterized injector dynamics X series. What have I missed?
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