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Found 3 results

  1. Like the title says, I'm looking for some good data on stock injector dead times for my 20 Valve 4ag. I recently acquired a new basemap using modeled mode. I feel it's a better jumping off point than the last map I had, but I'm a little dubious about the injector dead times that were entered. Here's the table that's in there now: 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 (V) 3.3 2.7 2.16 1.7 1.35 1.1 0.89 0.75 0.66 0.58 (ms) I had the injectors cleaned and flow tested before putting the engine in the car, but it seems the sheet is missing in the shop somewhere. Hopefully I can find that soon so I can at least have some good data for the injector flow@rated pressure. Right now the engine is running fairly rich, especially during warmup (like 10.5:1 AFRs), but the AFRs are fairly stable too, so I'm thinking with some tweaking I can get it well enough in line before taking the car to the dyno for a more final tune. Also, if nobody has good dead time data for these injectors, does anyone know of a good way to make a test bench or know of someone with a test bench setup for getting good dead time values? Thanks.
  2. I have a 4age 20v Blacktop Toyota engine in a mk1 MR2. The engine was installed with a harness from WireGap and plugs into the factory Blacktop ECU just like a factory loom. Runs great. Wife got me a brand new Monsoon for Christmas (I hinted it might be appreciated) and I'm now planning to do coil-on-plugs imminently, and maybe supercharge a couple (3-6) pounds in the future. I'd like to get the ECU up and running sooner though. I need to make a translation pigtail from the "factory" Blacktop harness to the Link Monsoon. Is there a convenient wiring diagram for this someone could share, along with any special notes for configuration (fixed timing advance for first startup, VVT recommendations etc.)?I need a knock sensor. Do I need the Link knock light system, or is the knock sensor itself enough for this? (I'm going to datalog every trip and do nerd science with the data)I need a wideband o2 sensor. I think I need the Link/Bosch CAN lambda sensor (for the extra data), or can the Monsoon read the Bosch LSU4.9 sensor natively?Additionally, any general guidance on a 4age 20v Blacktop would be appreciated. I'm new to tuning, but have been (1) reading forums nonstop for months, (2) watching High Performance Academy instructionals, (3) reading Performance Fuel Injection Systems and (4) working on cars for 15 years. I plan on carefully proceeding to attempt road/track tuning and supplementing my experience with Dyno time for that perfect edge, hopefully after I've achieved a passable tune manually. If I suck at this I'll just go pay the dyno guy to do it for me, but I really want to learn it myself ;-). I need to order a Link A pigtail and a 20v ECU socket to get the harness patched across. This will be a project that unfolds over the coming months. I look forward to learning Link!
  3. For my 4age 20v Blacktop I'd like to trigger VVT like the factory ECU, considering ECT, TPS (or maybe mgp) and RPM. I'm just uncertain about the best way to model this in PCLink with regard to volumetric efficiency. I think advancing intake cam by 30 crank degrees changes VE - if this is true, what's the right way to account for it in PCLink? It's a little more complex than just filling in the VE table, since the same throttle position & rpm can have advance or not depending on coolant temperature (and maybe other factors). I have an aux set to CAM-Switched with a virtual aux condition chained to get a couple more conditions. Dual Table Mode set to Dual Table, activated by the VVT aux trigger. The most obvious solution to me is to use the 2nd fuel table and basically tune the engine twice. Is there a better way to handle triggered-VVT VE shifting on a modeled fueling tune? 4age 20v modeled.pclr
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