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Found 2 results

  1. VE is definitely way different with alpha-n at idle rpm and AC on vs off, and short of a full 4D fuel table I don't see a supported method of working around it. This is the right trim to use, but it's locked to injector millis and thereby traditional fueling. In modeled alpha-n: AC turns on increasing demand.Engine goes lean with stall compensation via IAC solenoid.Engine dies.By adding 32.5% to my idle cells in a 4D fuel map I've worked around this, accomplishing stable lambda across AC state transitions; but this should be a supported use case. Additional context: http://forums.linkecu.com/index.php?/topic/7096-idle-with-accessories/
  2. For my 4age 20v Blacktop I'd like to trigger VVT like the factory ECU, considering ECT, TPS (or maybe mgp) and RPM. I'm just uncertain about the best way to model this in PCLink with regard to volumetric efficiency. I think advancing intake cam by 30 crank degrees changes VE - if this is true, what's the right way to account for it in PCLink? It's a little more complex than just filling in the VE table, since the same throttle position & rpm can have advance or not depending on coolant temperature (and maybe other factors). I have an aux set to CAM-Switched with a virtual aux condition chained to get a couple more conditions. Dual Table Mode set to Dual Table, activated by the VVT aux trigger. The most obvious solution to me is to use the 2nd fuel table and basically tune the engine twice. Is there a better way to handle triggered-VVT VE shifting on a modeled fueling tune? 4age 20v modeled.pclr
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