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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys, hoping for some help. I selected the AltezzaLink ecu for my JZX110 with 1JZ vvti due to this ecu supporting the e-throttle and toyota multiplex system. I have made a patch harness which converts the JZX110 pinout to the altezza pinout. Injectors, ignition and throttle are working (tested), but fuel pump relay output (on expansion connector AUX8) is not turning fuel pump on. The fuel pump status always remains off. When choosing the TEST ON or TEST PWM options, the status does show as on but still no fuel pump. I've double checked my wiring. Can anyone suggest a solution or reason for this issue? Thanks, Mitch
  2. As the title, i installed a link g4 plugin on a completely stock 3SGE and set up the throttle sensors for the ethrottle. I am using the stock MAF on the basemap included in the tuning software. The throttle sensors and MAF sensors make logical sense, which has got me confused as to why the car wont idle. It will start up, and can rev a little bit, but when you get off the accelerator, the car stalls. Tune file attached. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. 002 system.pclr
  3. Hey I'm having a issue with my 3sge+t beams altezza. I had it tuned recently in Hamilton and am having a issue with it backfiring sometimes when I crank it. It will crank for 2-3 seconds then it backfires. It doesn't do it every time most of the time it will start fine. Any help is appreciated Cheers
  4. paull

    Coil Fail

    Hi I purchased a G4+ Altezza Link for my 2000 Altezza RS200. My tuner fitted the Link then went to run the car on the dyno but the car blew two coils. Any ideas on why this would happen? cheers Paul
  5. Hi Scott, I hope you can provide me A base map for my altezza turbo. My setup is 3sge G1 greddy trust bolt On kit with td04 turbo. Full Boost at 0.7 Saad 550cc injector stage 1 fuel regulator. Warbo fuel pump Sard 68c termostat Modified throttle body without E-throttle
  6. Hi Everyone, I have recently got my ECU tuned and everything is working fine. There were some idling problem at start but got rectified when I increased the values in the Idle Target table. My fuel consumption also seems a bit high even though I am not boosting and driving hard. I have a few questions to ask the tuners here to take a look into my base map and log to see what else can be fine tuned just to get a second opinion. I'm a newbie to aftermarket ECU tuning. Tips and suggestion from you guys are highly appreciated. 1. My Idle target is set to 880 rpm once the engine coolant reaches 70 degrees above (see picture) but the engine idles at 900 rpm above. Is this normal? 2. My throttle body has been modified to run mechanically without fly by wire function and I am using and external idle valve to control idle. How much do I need to open the butterfly valve gap when the car is off/idling? 3. Currently the overrun fuel cut is set to off when the throttle is released during cruising. Does this function effect the fuel consumption? Best Regards, Ragupathy Log 2017-02-19 1;53;16 am.llg IdleBaseIdleTarget.docx
  7. Hi I'm new to tuning and am going to be installing a G4+ Storm Blue (have already acquired second hand) by myself for a 3S-GE Beams Blacktop (in a Toyota Starlet race car). It's a stock engine with the 6 speed gearbox (only mod is pod filter) and has been currently running on the stock ecu. I've converted a spare 3S-GE throttle body to manual control which will only have the standard TPS on it and will use this instead of the electronic one currently on the car. I'll also be running a 3 wire ISC (Bosch copy). I'll be running a dash via can/odb2. I've been reading through the help files and think i have everything sorted, but wanted some feedback from people who are a bit more experienced. Does it all make sense, or is there anything obviously wrong? Grey rows = functions i don't believe I have access to on the blue storm. Installer I/O Table, 3S-GE Beams Blacktop, N/A, VVTI, 4 Cyl, Manual Throttle Body, Link Storm BlueFunctionConnectionExampleTrigger 1Crank Angle SensorReluctor, Proximity, Optical or HallTrigger 2Inlet Cam Position SensorAnalog Temp Input 1Engine Coolant Temperature SensorNTC Thermistor sensors OnlyAnalog Temp Input 2Inlet Air Temperature SensorAnalog Temp Input 3 Analog Temp Input 4 Analog Volt 1O2 Sensor0-5V Input from sensor or external controllerAnalog Volt 2Oil Pressure (Shared with DI4 on Storm)Analog Volt 3TPS MainAnalog Volt 4TPS SubAnalog Volt 5(Internal MAP on Storm)Analog Volt 6 Analog Volt 7 Analog Volt 8 Analog Volt 9 Analog Volt 10 Analog Volt 11 +5V OutTPS and MAP sensor power+5V Power OUT+8V Out Ignition 1Coil 1Use spare Ignition channels for switching type Auxiliary OutputsIgnition 2Coil 2Ignition 3Coil 3Ignition 4Coil 4Ignition 5 Ignition 6 Ignition 7 Ignition 8 Injection 1Injector 1Wire Inj 1 to cyl 1, 2 to 2, 3to 3 etc... Use spare Injection channels for switching type Auxiliary OutputsInjection 2Injector 2Injection 3Injector 3Injection 4Injector 4Injection 5 Injection 6 Injection 7 Injection 8 Auxiliary Output 13W-ISC Close (ISC Solenoid Slave)High Frequency PWM or VVT Control. 3W-ISC Solenoid must be wired to Aux1 & Aux2.Auxiliary Output 23W-ISC Open (ISC Solenoid)Auxiliary Output 3Inlet VVTI SolenoidAuxiliary Output 4Exhaust VVTI SolenoidAuxiliary Output 5Fuel Pump RelayPWM less than 300 Hz or GP switching. ISC Stepper. High side driven loads.Auxiliary Output 6Engine Radiator Fan RelayAuxiliary Output 7 Auxiliary Output 8 Auxiliary Output 9(E-throttle Motor +)E Throttle Motor or GP Output.Auxiliary Output 10(E-throttle Motor -)Knock 13S-GE Knock Sensor (Shared with DI3)Knock Sensors OnlyKnock 2 Digital Input 1Exhaust Cam Position SensorFrequency Input, Switch Input or VVT PositionDigital Input 2Speed SensorDigital Input 3(Shared with Knock 1)Digital Input 4(Shared with An Volt 2 on Storm)
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