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Found 2 results

  1. Hi team, I have an Evo 6 with a Link G4+ installed and it has been tuned by Possum Bourne Motorsport here in New Zealand. The car has a few bolt-ons but still runs standard internals and turbo. It's been tuned well and runs really nicely. However I do have a disappointing issue with Anti-lag when used in conjunction with a blow off valve. The anti-lag is configured around using the Idle Control Valve to bypass the throttle body and allow air into the engine which is ignited with some timing changes to get the turbo to create boost while off throttle. But because the throttle body is closed there is still a pressure differential between the manifold and the charged cold side and the boost all flows out of the BOV. The above scenario is actually fine. It's better the boost flows out the BOV rather than backwards out of the turbo and creating compressor surge. However, the problem I have is part throttle usage. During engine braking into a corner, the anti-lag fires, the BOV opens and the turbo spins. But as I apply the throttle, the BOV remains open or flutters and it causes the car to jerk about undesirably. If I go to wide open throttle the BOV closes. But at any part throttle usage I have the issue as described above, which stops me from rolling-into the throttle as I round corners. I'm running a Tial 50m BOV with the stiffest spring they provide. This is a street car used for occasional track days so do not want to disconnect the BOV and blank the hole. Help here would be appreciated in how to deal with this issue!
  2. Hi - please could I have some guidence on knock control with motorsport options... (would you ever use both together?) I have setup knock control, which I have verified works perfectly. I also have Launch Control and can see from "Knk System Status" copied here: 0 = Active 1 = Lockout - RPM Low 2 = Lockout - RPM High 3 = Lockout - TP Low 4 = Lockout - TP Delta 5 = Lockout < 500 RPM 6 = Err: DI Feedback 7 = Startup Lockout 8 = OFF 9 = OFF: DI5 Pullup. 10 = Lockout - Launch Control that knock control is disabled during Launch, which makes sense due to the increased sound levels that would otherwise cause false knock detection. But what about Flat Foot Shifting, would you not want knock control disabled for the duration of this? And finally, although setup quite conservatively, Anti Lag. I set this up thinking that it would be beneficial for short sprints and hill climbs (no more than 1 mile!). It's currently setup to reduce lag, rather than create lots of low down power. Any tips welcome, I'm no expert! Thanks
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