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Found 10 results

  1. Hi,I'm working on a project Nissan micra K11 CG10DE engine and i'm trying to install Link G4+ Atom ECU. but the problem is My Micra triger patern does not show in the software.also i searched everywhere to download a user manual and a wiring diagram for this G4+ Atom but i did not found.if someone can help me on this it would be much appreciated. thank you.
  2. hey guys! i just finish wiring link atom 2 on this 4age 20v. now im having a problem with the trigger signal, theres no signal on trigger when cranking the engine. Trigger 1 is on NE, Trigger 2 is G2 and ecu gnd is on GND. this is the trigger setup on my laptop, Trigger Mode, Multi-Tooth Trigger Priority, Trig 1 Trigger 1 type Reluctor, level 1, Cam, 24tooth Trigger 2 type reluctor, level 1, sync mode Cam pulse 1x
  3. hello so i have just purchased a link g4 + atom ecu with a 2.5m wire in loom and i am need of help i noticed there was another guy who posted the same question and was sent a tutorial in pdf format which i tried to access but unfortunately it has been removed so was just wondering if someone had the pdf or any other file that could help me. any help would be much appreciated cheers.
  5. Hi everyone We have a couple offroad 4wd trucks fitted with the Landrover 3.9 injected V8. We run into constant issues with high idle speed, rich running, cold starts and very poor fuel economy, all of which are difficult to diagnose in the field without proprietary Landrover diagnostics equipment. The factory ecu controls the injectors in 2 batches, one for each bank of 4 cylinders using a number of input sensors (which have a habit of failing) and separate narrow band O2 sensor in each manifold for feedback. We are considering the idea of fitting an Atom to control idle speed and fuel only (with the potential to move from the distributor to wasted spark ignition in the future). A few queries: Can an Atom be customised to control the injectors in the factory manner? (ie batch fire on each bank rather than alternating cylinders like reccomended in the help file). Each injector loom has a resistance of only 4.5 ohms, if we wire 2 inj drives to each bank will this draw too much current? Will the existing engine speed trigger from the dizzy be sufficient for the g4+ to do fuel only? If anyone has encountered other potential difficulties with this installation, your comments would be appreciated. More info about the existing landrover system can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucas_14CUX
  6. hi im newbies here.Just got link atom ..can anyone show how to make a gp limit as lonch control vs speed input
  7. Reece13

    SR20DET safe map

    Hi all, I have recently converted my s13 from a ca18det to an s15 sr20det and have had my link atom g4 off my old motor wired in to the new one. I have the base map for an sr20det vct uploaded to the ecu which was included with the software so I am wondering, is it safe to drive the car around before I get a tune? I need to organise to get my exhaust brackets modified before my tune and figured it would be easier to drive my car to a place since theres one around 10 minutes from my house. Engine mods are fairly stock besides an aftermarket turbo (running stock psi), exhaust, intercooler etc. I have calibrated the map sensor and will be going over to make sure all the outputs and what not are correct with how the ecu was wired in.
  8. Hey guys I have a g4 atom on a KA24DET 240sx. Im having an issue with the throttle position sensor setup. I can go into options, TPS setup, correct the values with the pedals and it runs fine. But after next start up, even thought it has been saved and stored, the values start randomly higher. Sometimes even as high as 30% open. Am i saving it wrong or is there an issue with my TPS somehow? Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
  9. On the Atom ECU - G4+ If it is hooked up the a wide band O2 can it be set up to self learn so it can create the fuel table in the same way the more expensive one do as well. Tony
  10. M.johnny

    Xtreme or Atom ?

    I have BMW with engine 2jz vvti . Designed to drift . And I want to buy ECU .but I don't know which is better xtreme or Atom. Thanks and I am waiting for any help..
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