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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all After so many years with my lem g3 I may be thinking of selling it (open to offers in fact:) ) and upgrading to g4+ monsoon or storm as I need sone more Digital Inputs for now. My only concern is the aux, now on the g3 there are 8 and if I remember correctly when I use the only DI I can't use aux 4, in total I need 6 so monsoon covers me (6 in total) but is there any conflicting aux with di in monsoon as there was in g3? Thanks
  2. I apologize in advance for the length of this post but any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm using a V44 Vi-pec ecu on an Arctic Cat 800 snowmobile with a 920 big bore. ECU is working great but now I'm adding nitrous to the sled and I'm having a problem using an aux output to activate the nitrous solenoid. the first attachment is a crude diagram of how I have it wired. and the second attachment is a screenshot of my Aux output 8 settings. I'm using a Honeywell MLH 02K PSB 06A pressure sensor which is just a 0-5 volt 1-2000 PSI sensor. From everything I've read I wired this correctly and my tables are right. But when I start the sled and arm the nitrous by connecting the external battery to the relay it immediately triggers the nitrous solenoid and sprays the motor even though its idling and the TPS is at 0%. From what I understand the ECU shouldn't drive the Aux output 8 pin to ground and trigger the system until my conditions are met right? So far I've replaced the nitrous solenoid, replaced the relay, checked my wiring repeatedly and even replaced the ecu (I have spares of all of them on the shelf) and no change. I've pretty much got it nailed down to a mistake in the maps I'm using or the ecu. Some additional information I should mention, this sled has a batteryless EFI system hence the external battery that is connected to nothing except the relay and a chassis ground. The keyed power source is a rectified and regulated 12 volt DC accesory wire that is only powered up when the sled is running. It also has a 5 Amp limit which is why I have to use the external battery to power the nitrous solenoid which pulls roughly 8 amps. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it since I've been struggling with this for a month already.
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