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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, ej207, 2135cc (stroker), single avcs, hks cams in/ex 264 while tuning logger is recording the following errors concerning Inlet/LH signal: 2nd cam pulse, extra pulse, cannot sync what could be the cause of these problems? note: sensors and solenoid are new thank in advance for your assistance 03.04.2020 прогон с подлитым вторым цилиндром.llg
  2. I have 2012 JDM Subar WRX STI Spec.C (Ver 11 I guess...) Engine : EJ207 quad AVCS I have setup all the VVT stuffs. Including Camshaft position sensor's offset using the cam angle test. I took a log and it describes that, intake cams are correctly at the target position. But Exaust cam pos is hunching(going up and down around the target cam position) I have both tried cam control mode as SUBARU Quad AVCS and SUBARU AVCS EJ20. Both of them had the same result. I have my Link Fury as Piggybacked to my OEM ECU. But I have disconnected all the cam position sensors, cam solenoids etc.. from the OEM ECU. Does anyone have any guesses? Log 2018-04-19 1;31;19 am.zip G4+Fury-initial51.pclr
  3. Hello, I have a Vipec Subaru V1-2 Ecu that I would like to run a set of newer dual avcs heads with, both intake and exhaust cams. Here is my current wiring, and my proposed wiring...it looks like it should work to me, but I wanted to get verification on this idea though. Currently I am running an Sti ej20g setup but I will convert the intake to a V7-8 style sti intake with drive by cable, and v10 sti style dual avcs heads, I've noted how some of the Aux and Digital inputs will be freed up. Thanks for the help! Current Wiring New AVCS Wiring Aux 1 – ISC Sol. Slave VVT Cam Solenoid (ISC Slave Removed as per Sti V7-8 manifold Aux 2 – ISC Solenoid VVT Cam Solenoid Aux 3 – Tacho VVT Cam Solenoid Aux 4 – Boost Solenoid VVT Cam Solenoid (Boost controlled via MBC) Aux 5 – Fuel Pump Fuel Pump Aux 6 – Aircon Clutch Tacho Aux 7 – Purge ISC Solenoid (Purge Controlled via Hobbs Switch) Aux 8 – CE Light CE Light Injector Drive 1 – Injector 1 Injector Drive 2 – Injector 2 Injector Drive 3 – Injector 3 Injector Drive 4 – Injector 4 Injector Drive 5 – Engine Fan (HS) Injector Drive 6 – Engine Fan DI 1 – Start Position DI 2 – Air Con Request VVT Cam Position DI 3 – Power Steer VVT Cam Position DI 4 – Speed VVT Cam Position DI 5 – OFF Power Steer DI 6 – OFF Speed AN Temp 1- Engine coolant Temp AN Temp 2 – Inlet Air Temp AN Temp 3 – OFF AN Volt 1 – MAP Sensor AN Volt 2 – OFF An Volt 3 – TPS (Main) AN Volt 4- Voltage 0-5v AN Volt 5 – Wideband AN Volt 6 – OFF
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