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Found 2 results

  1. Morning all First post here and need some help I have a really annoying cold start problem. ..... Its only present when the car is totally cold & stood overnight. Start the car roll off the drive pull off on idle to keep the neighbours happy and as I gentle accelerate she splutters and tries to die give get to end of the road and give it some more normal revs and splutters then clears and fine for the rest of the day! Now this morning she’s sat for 2x days turned the key she just kept turning over tried again kept turning over and as I let key off MASSIVE backfire! Poo’d a little then tried again and started fine!?!? Iv had it do this not start then back fire 2x other times as well when very very cold and also when very cold it has hunted as well when pulling up to traffic lights. My mapper suggested a big plenum vac leak as it was hunting and it’s prob sealing itself when hot checked it myself found nothing sent her in for a smoke test found nothing... I’m a bit stumped now and a bit pissed off my car is acting like uncle bucks on cold mornings lol thanks all John
  2. I am going to be installing a ViPec i88 and I would like some features, I have a tuner to do the tuning of the car but it would be great to have the extra information to help the tuner achieve the goals I would like. This will be in a 2005 MINI Cooper S using the ViPec i88 MINI R53 ECU. I also have the AUX cable. Cruise Control - I know that the steering wheel controls dont work, so what is the best way to wire this up and what inputs on the cabling do it use? Water Methanol / Control and Map - I am using an AquaMist HFS-3 W/M kit I currently have it wired as: ViPec Aux1 wired to Green HFS-3 Injector Duty Cycle InputViPec DI8 to Orange Failsafe Wire on HFS-3. Is there anything special that needs to be known or done? Air Conditioning - Anything special that needs to be known or done for configuration? Launch Control - I would like to set the Launch Control up more to make it POP and Backfire at say 3k RPMs, I dont really race the car, so I want more for show, what should be done to achieve more pop and maybe a little flame out the tail pipe? Pop & Burble - MINIs came from the factory with a Pop & Burble when letting off the gas pedal and/or decelerating? I understand that this has something to do with 'over run'. I do not claim to know what that is, but is there a way to recreate it in the tune? I am not sure if it matters but I am using Analog Volt 10 (brown) for the wideband O² sensor input. Last question, can you have the K-Line and CAN both on the OBDII connector? I have a Garmin Virb XE that has a module that plugs into the OBDII to read data from the ECU and sync's and store that with the video. I would like to be able to read the ECU data still.
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