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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Guys, hopefully have this post in the right spot... but am Currently have my 4age 20v wired up to a G4+ link monsoon with COP setup. And am after a base map tune that will be able to start and successfully run the engine until I can get it properly tuned. Any help will be appreciated! Cheers, Kurt
  2. 2JZenki

    2jzgte vvti base map

    2jzgte vvti aristo motor with a G4+ Kurofune Hey new guy over here. Can anyone help me out with a base map? Stock or with the mods listed. Preferably with the mods! Thanks in advance. Email is calvinjroa@gmail.com Borg s366 BC 264 cams 1000cc FIC injectors 93 octane
  3. Hi, was wondering if anyone had a base map for a Honda Civic turbo b18c4 engine code. It’s running 630cc injectors just need a base map until I go to a tuner. Thanks
  4. hi all I have a link G4+ storm Ecu and I have put a 1jz vvti into my Lexus IS200. Could anyone help with a base map for timing and fuel. All is standard setup. Many thanks!!
  5. Hey Guys, I recently finished swapping a VR6 engine into my S4 and was able to successfully start and run the engine. While I was going through my second heat cycle and getting ready to drive the car out of the garage i noticed a rear main leak which brought the project to a temporary stop. I am getting ready to pull the engine now to fix the leak and wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone had a base-map for a VR6 engine. although my engine was running i noticed my ignition table seemed to advancing the spark too much for its given ECT (in the range of 20Deg BTDC) causing a high idle, poor reving, and bad throttle response. I am sure I can adjust the ignition tables (and others) to get it to work but I was hoping to bypass the unwanted run/idle time associated with tuning these basic parameters. Ultimately i want to fix my oil leak, start it up, and break in my engine with a decent chance of success and not have to worry about backfiring, nock, poor driveability etc. Thanks!
  6. beshr

    Base map

    hello everybody please can you help me i have link G4+ and the engine is "Yamaha YZF-R6 2009" i want base map for it, because i searched for it and i didn't found any thing can you tell my where i can fiend the base map ? thank you all
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