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Found 3 results

  1. Ted

    Dash display

    Hi there all I bought recently for my G4+ ecu a tablet that is both windows and Android so I can mount it on the top of my dash to check everything and also to make any changes on the fly Is it by any chance that LINK has already made such a dash display ? Or is it going to come in the nearest future?? All the other companies can provide such a dash display. Thank you in advance Ted
  2. Konstantinos Korres

    Lexus is200/is300 Toyota Altezza 2jzgte swap

    Hello everyone, im in the process of swapping a 2jzgte vvti+automatic transmission from a Toyota Aristo in my Lexus is200 , the is200 is competed stock manual transmission , Is there a product that could handle the new engine with compete functionality over the dash climate controls etc , as well as the automatic transmission ? Thanks !
  3. redmist

    CAN Bus Wiring.

    I've a AIM Evo 4 to which I've wired the CAN high to CAN+, CAN Low to CAN-, and the earth. However I'm not receiving any CAN data to the AIM datalogger. In addition the connection of the CAN cabling appears to drag down the controller (I can't connect PCLink to the remaining connection). Wondered if I'm screwing up something simple. Like not having the RS232 lines terminated, or as I suspect, that there is something more critically wrong with my configuration. I've configured Race Studio for Link CAN_Bus_Base_LLC I've configured PCLink to CAN 1 User Defined, 1mbib/s, OBD off. Transmit Generic Dash, 20hz, CAN ID 1000. Normal. Race Studio doesn't show the link on CAN_Bus Info. (does show both the dash and Evo 4) Cheers, Daniel.