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  1. Help! I have just converted an Evo 6 with EvoLink 4-8 G4+ to direct spark, but it's not working. In PCLink I have changed the spark mode to direct from wasted, moved the wires from Ign 3 (Pin 22, now Ign 5 pin 35) and Ign 4 (Pins 20, 32 & 34, now Ign 6 on expansion harness) and run in a new loom for coils 3 & 4 but the car will NOT start. It is as if the injectors and ignition are firing on different cylinders as there's plenty of popping out of the exhaust. When I refit the wasted spark harness and change the spark type back to wasted it fires up with no problems? The ECU is running the latest firmware. I have checked and double checked the coil harness wiring and I am 99% sure it is correct (Each ignition output was put into test one at a time and a spark confirmed at that cylinder, then checked with a multi meter. + and - pins are stable at 12V, ignition wire to +12V fluctuates when in test) so after a couple of hours of testing and double checking I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on the issue?!?! The only odd thing I can could see in the base map settings are that the Evo 4-6 has a different trigger 2 setup to 7-9, however the cam signal is the same on 4-9, so why this difference of rising and falling edges? I have tried both settings by the way, and no improvement. I have already completed this exact same modification on a G4+ Evolink IX and had no problems at all. I've attached the Direct spark file (Car won't start) and a modified version of this file back to wasted spark that DOES start the car when the original coil harness is refitted. I am hoping I have missed a setting somewhere, I can't find it for the life of me. Thanks Ads Lambda1 DirectSpark_Wasted.pclr Ads Lambda1 DirectSpark.pclr
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