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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, long time reader, first time poster.. I have an older Xtreme Red G4+ ecu which im wiring into my s14 which has a JZX110 1jz vvti in it. Now i have an issue with connecting to my AIM dash via CAN using the communication port while laptop is connected via the USB port. Basically its either one or the other.. i cannot have both connected at the same time as PClink will disconnect if i connect the AIM dash. Any suggestions? secondly.. does anyone have any wiring info on the JZX110 E throttle plugs and pinouts? Cheers Simon
  2. Hello, I'm Japanese user of G4 Xtreme and this is first time to use LINK ecu. I'm going to apply G4 Xtreme to 2JZ-GTE VVTi E-throttle engine. (Normal engine, not any tuned) Do you know G4 Xtreme is available to control E-throttle with Aux9/10 by ECU itself? Eventhough I'm going to control E-throttle by using Aux9/10, I couldn't define Aux9/10 as E-throttle+-, because I couldn't find Aux9/10 in the list of ECU setting. (Please see the attached, It is shown only Aux1~8, Virtual Aux1~3 and Timer...) On the other hands, Aux9/10 is appeared in the list of Runtime and it is shown as "Not defined!". (I want to define...!!!) In addition, If you can share the base map for Toyota Aristo 2JZ-GTE VVTi TwinTurbo E-throttle, It could be very helpful to setup the calibrations. Thanks in advance, Yuto,
  3. Hi i have a problem calibrating an E-Throttle on a 2006 STI with a custom wired Extreme Black ecu. i managed to do the pedal calibration, but when i try the e-throtle itself it gives a fault stating "max 80% DC". in the "ON-Setup Mode" i can move the throttle between 5.8 and 100%, but in the automatic calibration is gives the fault of max 80. i made a small video of it. to start i copied all settings from the plugin V10 map into the extreme black basemap. i also have 2 TPS inputs main and sub from the throttle and also 2 inputs from the pedal main and sub, all voltages arrive good in the ecu as seen in the runtime values. anyone an idea what is wrong? or what settings i missed. i suspect the wiring and all be ok as the throttle works fine in setup mode and i entered the voltages as seen in the runtime values. youtube video