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  1. Hi guys. I have an unusual problem and am not a tuner by any means but am generally pretty good at understanding instructions. I have a link PNP in my altezza factroy ecy box. Have had it dyno tuned and set up for over a year and ran with no issues. Last week I removed the intake plenum and throttle body to polish the plenum and paint the throttle body. I did not removed the FPS or TPS from the throttle body, merely unplugged them and covered them up before painting. I also cleaned the butterfly valve inside with degreaser. After i reinstalled everything I started car (a week later) and it shot up to 3500 rpm and then dropped to 1500rpm and then continued to bounce between these rpms until i shut it off. A CEL came on so plugged in pclink on laptop and showed error code 75. Had a poke around to make sure everything was plugged in and then started it again,then error code 76 came on as well. Cleared the codes and took it for a short drive and it continued to rev to 3500rpm with no accelator pedal input, almost like it was on autopilot and would drive itself. I performed a tps calibration and calibrated with no problem.Started it up and it went jumpy and had a very fast idle between 1500-2500 rpom and sounded like it was missing lots. Have done some reading on here and seems like it went into a category 2 fault? Went back to it tonight and now shows two more errors, codes 23 and code 26 both to do with the tps. I have checked the voltages at the input wires to the ecu and were as follows : pin O22 TPS sub (red with black stripe) measured 2.54V at 0 throttle and 4.65 at WOT pin O23 TPS Main (Green with yellow stripe) measured 0.782V at 0 throttle and 2.426 at WOT I am stumped as to what it can be, as tps calibrates fine seems to read correctly and I havent adjusted its angle it in any way, merely unplugged it and replugged it in after a week... Any ideas? Also note that for the last year or so the ethrottle motor has made a constant wine noise when key is in the on position.
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