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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, just got my 3sge beams engine running in my corolla with the Link g4+ monsoon and a harness built by Panic Wire. I'm having some issues with my Link Can-Lambda unit though. There was originally an OBD plug with the power, ground, can H, & can L wires I needed for the 02 in the Panic ECU harness. So I cut the plug out and soldered a new extension to the 4-way deutsch lambda plug. I originally had the wires mixed up due to the wire colors being different than the link pin diagram. Panic uses the universal can-obd wire colors. It is now wired with 12v to the power and 2.4v for both can H & can L. He also said it should be fine that I connect straight to those 4 wires and do not need a relay or capacitor. Now the issue, in the "runtime values" the CAN tab shows all green/ok but in the ECU STATUS the lambda 1 error displays 26 battery under voltage, then 33 open circut APE-IPE, and 16 heated too long. The status goes back and forth from diagnostic to calibration and the temperature back and forth from 32f to 750f or so. AFR always reads 10.08. Voltage is around 13.5v. I also setup the can setting to the link ecu specifications on the site. I will attach a log file showing the info and could use some help with this. Should I wire it differently, was the unit damaged by having the pins mixed up at first, or are there some settings I should change? Any insight would be most appreciated and thanks for reading. lambda error.llg beams.pclr
  2. Hi I'm using Fury and I am controlling LSU4.9 BOSCH lambda sensor with fury internal lambda sensor controller. I have connected the cables completely as same as the instructions in the Online Help. But I'm receiving these errors. Do you have any suggestions? One thing that I'm worried about is, I'm using +14V(A connector pin 5) as the Ignition +12V input(LSU 4.9 pin 4). I read the instructions of the LSU 4.9 and it says. "Power supply H+ nominal 7.5 V" "System supply voltage 10.8 V to 16.5 V" I don't have 12V output in my ECU so I can only use +14V cable or the +8V cable on the A connector of my Fury ECU. Am I doing some thing wrong or any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you.(^^♪ http://www.bosch-motorsport.de/media/catalog_resources/Lambda_Sensor_LSU_49_Datasheet_51_en_2779147659pdf.pdf
  3. Hi Just wondering what happens if the internal Lambda controller detects a error. On analogue gauge i use closed loop lambda control just on the low load part of the map, because a fault sensor can force the ecu to take too much fuel out. Consequently the engine could run dangerous lean. I'm aware that there is a setting for the alowable control range for closed loop lambda. I'm wondering what the closed loop lambda control will do in case of a error: - if we use the internal lambda controller on the furry or Thunder - if we use a external CAN-Lambda controller? for example does a ALM-CAN transmit all error codes to the ECU? does the closed loop lambda control shut off in this case or are there a chance that the mixture can go lean as on a analogue wideband?
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