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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! I just installed the EvoLink in my Evo 3. Car is basically stock, fuel pump is a bit bigger (Walbro 255). I took it to dyno for tuning, and tuner said that the ignition values in the table are going crazy high and make no sense. We made sure that the ignition timing is fine. We were able to take the values higher and higher and more kW just kept coming, but then we just ran out of courage to put higher values in there and left it in 274 horsepowers, which is basically stock. Are these normal ignition values in Link? Is this somekind of feature in Link or did we miss a table or something? Any information would be highly appreciated, I also have the whole map if needed.
  2. Help! I have just converted an Evo 6 with EvoLink 4-8 G4+ to direct spark, but it's not working. In PCLink I have changed the spark mode to direct from wasted, moved the wires from Ign 3 (Pin 22, now Ign 5 pin 35) and Ign 4 (Pins 20, 32 & 34, now Ign 6 on expansion harness) and run in a new loom for coils 3 & 4 but the car will NOT start. It is as if the injectors and ignition are firing on different cylinders as there's plenty of popping out of the exhaust. When I refit the wasted spark harness and change the spark type back to wasted it fires up with no problems? The ECU is running the latest firmware. I have checked and double checked the coil harness wiring and I am 99% sure it is correct (Each ignition output was put into test one at a time and a spark confirmed at that cylinder, then checked with a multi meter. + and - pins are stable at 12V, ignition wire to +12V fluctuates when in test) so after a couple of hours of testing and double checking I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on the issue?!?! The only odd thing I can could see in the base map settings are that the Evo 4-6 has a different trigger 2 setup to 7-9, however the cam signal is the same on 4-9, so why this difference of rising and falling edges? I have tried both settings by the way, and no improvement. I have already completed this exact same modification on a G4+ Evolink IX and had no problems at all. I've attached the Direct spark file (Car won't start) and a modified version of this file back to wasted spark that DOES start the car when the original coil harness is refitted. I am hoping I have missed a setting somewhere, I can't find it for the life of me. Thanks Ads Lambda1 DirectSpark_Wasted.pclr Ads Lambda1 DirectSpark.pclr
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