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Found 4 results

  1. token

    BMW M3 S50B32 Wiring G4 Extreme

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me out and see if my wiring pin out is correct. I have attached my wiring chart I made to make my own PnP to the factory engine harness along with the factory ECU pinout and their functions. I have a red box G4 Extreme with CAN port. I have a BMW M3 with S50B32 but I will be adding an ethanol content sensor for now as I would like to tune the car to run E85 on 600CC injectors while I put together parts for a turbo build as I will be adding a boost controller and probably an anti lag switch. Am I fine running the factory dual narrow band sensors or should I get an Innovate LC-2 and place it on the 3-6 cylinder bank exhaust manifold or would I want to run dual lambda controllers over CAN? Link Wiring .xlsx MSS50.pdf
  2. Hello chaps I’m having some issues connecting my extreme ecu with my race technology dash 2 display. I have the link canser lead so I can connect the ecu into my laptop and open the PC link software, change the CAN settings and apply the settings to transmit to my Dash 2. I also have a Race technology CAN interface lead which is Pre programmed for the Link G4+ ecu’s. So when I connect the Canser lead in and connect to the RT CAN interface lead it won’t connect to my ecu or dash 2. So I’m assuming that the serial connector on the canser and the serial connector pins don’t mate up? Or that I’m missing somthing else Any help wuld be great so eat so I can read my ecu settings on my dash 2!! Thanks
  3. ONLYrealRAT

    G4 extreme unused B Loom

    Hi everyone. Is it necessary to connect a loop b if I do not use it on Link extreme ? What about power and grounds on those loom?
  4. Kelly Gordon

    Upgrading to G4+

    I have a Link G4 Extreme Pro, Silver box with all the features and I'm looking to upgrade to the G4+. Is it all right to post items for sale on the forums?