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Found 5 results

  1. Dear All, This post may not be related to tuning but more towards wiring problem but I am hoping that I could get some basic guidelines as I consider myself still new in the arena and still got a lot to learn I am currently using Link G4+ Monsoon on a 3SGTE ST246 engine on my Toyota MR2. Car was running great for the past few months until recently I could not get my car to start. After I did the basic check-up I found that the fuel pressure is '0'. Therefore my focus would definitely be the fuel pump. For your information, the wiring was not done by me but I am now learning to do such wiring myself. My fuel pump is activated from a relay that uses AUX 6 of the Link G4+ Monsoon. I try to run the test using PC Link and can hear the sound of the relay clicking but I don't hear the priming sound from the fuel pump. Then I try to directly run the fuel pump from the battery (12v current) to its connector and I can hear the fuel pump priming. For that, I concur that my fuel pump is working and is not the fuel pump issue itself. Next from the connector that I have disconnected from the fuel pump, I tested it with a multimeter. What I found that there is a current supply of 8v-9v to the fuel pump when the key is ON (after finish the 2-second priming that I have set at Link G4+). When I set at PC Link Software 'test ON' for AUX 6 which is the pump, the current supply becomes 2.8v-3v along with the clicking sound. Picture attached is as per my explanation. Picture #1 8v-9v before TEST ON fuel pump at PC Link Picture #2 2.8v-3v during TEST ON fuel pump at PC Link Next, I try to test all the fuses that I can have my hands on but all the fuse seem okay. As my logic and understanding of wiring, I don't feel its the fuse as there are still current flows to the pump but it just seems that the current is low for the pump to operate. As I mentioned above the wiring was not done by me, therefore, I try my best to detect the wiring with the limited knowledge that I have. I seek the advice here to guide me on how could i further diagnose and solve this issue myself. Your advice and guidance is very much appreciated.
  2. Hi, I'm using G4+ Fury and currently trying to setup fuel pump using FP Speed. Since JZX90 use a fuel pump controller, from what i can find out is it is using 5V PWM signal (but i totally not sure). Please advise on the wiring and setup. Thanks, Zaihas
  3. Hi all on my r33 gtr rb26dett How can I double check my 2nd fuel pumps cut in injector duty please Also how can i increase the coolant warning, I think currently it warns me with the check engine light at 100c which is to low for the hot weather Thanks in advance all atest-gtr.pclr
  4. Jordan B

    voltage drop

    Hi guys and girls after some advise when my fuel pump is activated by the ecu it drops the voltage from 12v to 9v ive checked pump and its only drawing 4amps at 45psi has anyone else had an issue similar to this cheers
  5. i recently had my fuel pump go out, and when i traced the Black yellow stripe wire back from pump harness, i found that the connectors have melted. the immediate Black connector is the worst, but after replacing that wire i still had No power, so i traced the wire back further to where the rear harness connects and that connector was melted where the Black w/ yellow stripe wire was as well. i want to find the cause of this so that i can Re-Wire the Pump, but i do not know where the Fuel Pump wire starts at the ECU. The manual says AUX 1 which is B134-1 but there isnt a wire in that position. what color is the Fuel Pump wire starting at the ECU, and what position is it if not at B134-1?
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