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  1. Hi, I'm hoping you guys can help me with a problem I'm having with my Link G3 ECU. Up until yesterday we had a perfectly turn key engine. Last night we decided to make an RPM limit change. When we stored the change the engine would no longer fire (it would crank for ages but not start). So we decided to restore the default pcl file back to the ECU. We had downloaded this before making any changes. However when we try this the PCLink software is throwing a warning and changing a value which in turn prevents the engine from firing (again it would crank for ages but not start). We tried a friends pcl for a 4AGE black top and although the engine started it was not in a healthy state - this was to be expected but at least it proved that the PCLink and ECU were still working together. So I'm hoping you can help determine and hopefully correct the corruption or compatibility issue we have. At the very least I hope you have a standard 4AGE 20v base map pcl file that you can send me for the G3 so I can at least get the engine running again. Here are all the details I have that I hope will help you diagnose the problem or suggest a course of action. Engine: Standard Toyota 4AGE 20v (silver top). Attached:The default pcl file that was downloaded from the ECUAn image showing the PC Link Version we are runningAn image showing the ECU Version we are runningAn image showing the Value Out Of Bounds dialogue that pops up when we first open the default pcl in PCLinkAn image showing the options available for selection in the Value Out Of Bounds dialogue (we have tried both - neither work)An image showing the PC Link Warning dialog that appears when we try and store the default pcl to the ECU Please let me know if there are any other details you need to diagnose this issue. mr2-default.pcl
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