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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, can anyone confirm if the Bosch 3 wire icv is a solenoid or stepper motor type? I read a few post and some term it as a solenoid and some call it stepper. For the max clamp and min clamp settings, how do we set it? According to help file, they are 2 method mentioned, eg. Max value is the highest idle base plus all idle up values and on another page it says that it should be set 10% more than the highest idle base value. Same goes to min clamp, the help file says should be 10% less than the lowest idle base value and on the setup procedure it was mentioned we should enter the lowest value as in the idle base. Any idea anyone?

    Mitsubishi 6 wire ISC setup

    Hey guys, I have a v44 ecu I'm trying to to setup to suit a mitsubishi 4G93 engine, 1.8L (2000) i have setup most things as copied from evo 6 wiring diagrams (evo 6 stock ecu runs this engine with no wiring changes) i have hooked up pin 4, 17 (coil a) 5, 18 (coil b ) to aux 5, 6 7,8 respectively, assigned the outputs and as isc stepper, i get the stepper move when key on but it just opens fully and causes lean condition, when swapping wires around I can get it to fully close, but no combination will get it to work correctly, I have tried bi Polar and unipolar settings neither works as it should. Wondering If anyone has faced the same issue and knows how to fix it, cheers!