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Found 8 results

  1. I would like to add a finger operated button launch control to my Toyota 2zz with Xtreme and drive by wire throttle. How do I wire this in? The car is used for targa rallies and we have multiple stop starts for passage controls, stop/go boxes per stage!! All help appreciated
  2. Hello tuners and Link.......... After setting up the Advanced Launch Control tuning parameters on my Subaru, I came up with the following picture to help me understand what's what! Not saying it's better than the Link help file, but it helped me! Feel free to criticise if I have misinterpreted anything!!
  3. Just wondering how the launch control function works on the mini, I had seen the setting in the ecu and thought it might be handy in my mini challenge race car...my car has no ABS which means no t/c either. The one main thing I want to know is how does the car know when to go into launch and when not to?
  4. Hello all - Ive had my LinkG4 setup with two switches 1: low boost high boost 2: Launch control on and off The switches work fine when connected still to the laptop and software but not when unplugged....
  5. I am new to this forum. I bought EVO 5 coming with LINK ECU. I read from manual (LINK help file) it must install switch to activate launch control. Can I just make big numbers in fuel and ignition (blue square) instead of switch? I see from log file these cells are not touched while decelerate.
  6. I am going to be installing a ViPec i88 and I would like some features, I have a tuner to do the tuning of the car but it would be great to have the extra information to help the tuner achieve the goals I would like. This will be in a 2005 MINI Cooper S using the ViPec i88 MINI R53 ECU. I also have the AUX cable. Cruise Control - I know that the steering wheel controls dont work, so what is the best way to wire this up and what inputs on the cabling do it use? Water Methanol / Control and Map - I am using an AquaMist HFS-3 W/M kit I currently have it wired as: ViPec Aux1 wired to Green HFS-3 Injector Duty Cycle InputViPec DI8 to Orange Failsafe Wire on HFS-3. Is there anything special that needs to be known or done? Air Conditioning - Anything special that needs to be known or done for configuration? Launch Control - I would like to set the Launch Control up more to make it POP and Backfire at say 3k RPMs, I dont really race the car, so I want more for show, what should be done to achieve more pop and maybe a little flame out the tail pipe? Pop & Burble - MINIs came from the factory with a Pop & Burble when letting off the gas pedal and/or decelerating? I understand that this has something to do with 'over run'. I do not claim to know what that is, but is there a way to recreate it in the tune? I am not sure if it matters but I am using Analog Volt 10 (brown) for the wideband O² sensor input. Last question, can you have the K-Line and CAN both on the OBDII connector? I have a Garmin Virb XE that has a module that plugs into the OBDII to read data from the ECU and sync's and store that with the video. I would like to be able to read the ECU data still.
  7. hi, I've got a link G4 in my r33 470bhp and can't work out how to turn traction off to drift? I need advice thx.
  8. Hi, I have had my link G4 fitted and mapped to my R33 GTR for over a year now but it recently started to hit what felt like a rev limiter or misfire at 5k while driving down the road.. After doing some basic engine ignition/ fuel checks, and all were fine. I started to look at the setting on the ecu. (I am a mechanic but have no mapping experience) I found the ignition trim for launch control was set to 5k. I have confirmed that launch control is continuously active. Launch RPM activation is set to 6k at 0 ground speed and 8k above 10 ground speed. If i turn launch control off the car will drive and rev all the way round to the RPM limit. So I am amusing the link g4 is not seeing a ground speed and think the car is always at a stop. Can anyone tell me where to check what ground speed the ecu is seeing? And what wire the signal should come down? Unit is a PnP link G4 for Nissan Skyline R33 GTR. Thanks
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