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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everybody, Since I have not finished yet my DIY "detonation listening device" I made a few runs using only the engine knock sensors and very conservative tuning, trying to spot knock signal waves on the logs. To my surprise I found a few spots that look a little suspicious which I would love to hear your opinion about. It's hard to believe that this might be real knock considering the crazy rich AFR and the low timing but still I would bring these to your attention. My engine is a M50TUB25 with about 9.5:1 compression and a smallish turbo. Problem 1: There's a small spike on cyl2 knock level. It settles back and then rises again along with the boost pressure. Might this be knock, or knock should be an even bigger spike compared to the previous average noise? Problem 2: The cylinder 2 noise seems to raise pretty suddenly but the cylinder 6 even more so. I think that cylinder 6 might be caused however by the RPM cut which happens at the exact same time but I am not quite sure which happened first. I also attached the base map and the log file. The first problem is in the SOL section, the second one in the rpm cut section, timestamps should match the attached screenshots. Thank you very much for you help! Have a nice day, Florin dinmasinapolizuiasi.pclr Log 2019-03-31 6;32;48 pm.zip
  2. Hello everybody,, I have a Link E36 plugin ECU controlling a turbo M50TUB25 E36 BMW. I am almost done with the fuel tables and moving onto ignition tuning so I have some questions regarding the specific configuration of the knock control for this engine. I saw that the help files recommend some frequency settings for certain engines, but no recommendation for the M50 engine. So first question is, could someone tell me what type of knock sensor should be selected, what frequency and eventually the rest of the knock control settings? In case I can't find an answer to the previous question I plan to also listen for engine knock, so I also search for advice on this one. My plan is to build a simple audio frequency preamplifier/amplifier and listen with headphones. The problem is that I would like to keep the ECU connected in parallel to my audio amplifier, so I need to know what should be the input impedance of the amplifier in order to not affect the input to the ECU too much. My guess is that something like 100kohm should be fine, am I correct? This is a question to which I hope I can get an answer from the Link ECU hardware engineers, for which I thank them in advance! Best regards, Florin
  3. hasdal

    Base/startup map

    Hi Going to start my bmw m50b29 engine g4+ ecu. Base/Start up map? Best request
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