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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Guys Time for another question on my ECU install, the alternator in the 99+ MX5's have charging controlled by the ECU. Now I struggled to find information here about this for the MX5's, but did find some info on Haltech's forums on how they control the alternator charging. The base settings are listed below so people can follow this discussion without opening a base map:Frequency: 250HzStart Duty: 75%Minimum Duty 0%Max Duty 100%Gain 100Target Voltage 14.7Output Inverted Please use a spare PWM output to the charge wire of the Alternator.Use a 470ohm pull up to 12v on the chosen PWM output.Please use the software settings previously mentioned.Remember to check to voltage at each RPM site before racing! I'm pretty sure this is not a problem to setup in Link, my question is more on the how I'll go about doing this, and what he means by "inverted output" and "470ohm pull up from 12v" Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all, Has anybody been playing around with this engine? The ecu is G4+ Xtreme Black. Need a trigger info for the said engine. Attached are the stock trigger mechanism. The first photo is from the KLZE; Hall effect type, 6 legged for trigger1 and a halfmoon for trigger2. This one is from a KFZE, with a VR sensor at the crank pulley as trigger1 . The distributor is same as KLZE except there's only the trigger2 plate inside it. Hope somebody willing to share before I start wiring in. Thanks
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