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Found 4 results

  1. mldc

    Water Pump PWM

    Hello, Our team doing some upgrades this winter. We have G4+ Thunder and PMU16 from Ecumaster. I would like to run water pump with pwm settings. I know that G4+ CAN can't transmit the pwm value, so I'm looking for alternative. Water pump: CWA200 PWM settings: Idea: 1. PMU16 feeds pump +12V when ignition is on. 2. I wire this to G4+ PWM signal Aux5 pin directly (high side) 3. I wire this pin to G4+ signal ground. (Or should I wire it to chassis ground?) 4. GND is wired to chassis ground. Working order: I turn the ignition and power goes directly from pmu to water pump. When RPM gets over 200 I feed 3ms of pw to wake up the pump from ecu. When car idles i send different signal to run the pump from ecu... Can someone confirm that my theory should work? Or I'm just wasting You time guys.. Huge thanks

    Fury CAN issue

    Hey Guys, Just having a wee issue setting up some CAN settings between the Fury, AIM MXL dash, Motec PDM and keypad. I've previously had the Fury and the Dash working faultlessly, and only started acting up when the new settings were put in for the PDM and keypad, so something is conflicting. The keypad works fine, and all the keypresses are working accordingly to activate boost tables, antilag etc etc. The issue is, the Dash will not display live data any more. It will merely display a 'snipit' of the data upon power-up, and stay at that value unchanged. This is for all channels I have displayed through the Dash from the ecu, speed, oil pressure, fuel pressure etc etc. My only guess is its something conflicting in the new CAN settings, but I'm a bit out of my depth with CAN protocol. If someone can spot anything obvious in my settings, that'd be great. AIM MXL settings have all been used as per the help file. Only thing to note is the CAN has been hardwired to CAN2 (B Plug loom) and I tried a 10Hz transmit rate as per another thread, with no success Cheers Ian DSORDA CAN Issue.pclr

    Motec PDM to Fury CAN

    Hey guys, Going to be running a Motec PDM15 in my car and toying with the idea of a CAN keypad for the PDM. I would be looking to use the keypad for activation of the usual things, like hi/low boost, antilag etc, and curious how I would configure the system arming in my Fury ecu, since the keypad is over CAN. Antilag for example.. is it simply a case of setting the system arming to say DI4, and the respective key on the keypad to CAN DI4? Or can't these funtions be armed over the CAN network? Cheers Ian

    Link PDM

    Hey guys, recieved a survey a while ago regarding the posiblility of Link producing a PDM. Was wondering if this is still in the production line?
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