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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys I’m new to this link ecu set up, trying to in put injector information about my injectors but not really having any luck. Dose any one have the Fuel Main, Injector Set, Injector Short Pulse Width Adder Table filled out with 60lb/h Siemens Deka injectors?
  2. Hello team, I was configuring my g4+ pnp last week. Tried to connect AEM x-series wideband to ecu(through CAN). Everything is good at first, than suddenly I lost my tacho signal. It was strange because ecu still have normal rpm signal. Only instrument cluster and hks evc(can read TPS) lost it. Here is my troubleshooting attempt: 1.Restart engine 2.Restart aux function 4 (tacho) 3.Adjust tacho duty cycle (25% and 75%) 4.Reload base map 5.Downgrade firmware But I have no luck to solve this problem. If I change back to OEM ecu than cluster and evc will back online, so it shouldn’t be a wiring problem. Do I have something else worth to try? Any help will be appreciated. Car:2003 Subaru Impreza WRX STI EDM ECU:G4+ WRXLINK 7-9 PNP
  3. Dshea

    N/A Subaru EJ22

    Hey all, I've recently had a chance to do a bit of work to my 1992 Subaru Liberty (N/A unfortunately) and have been chasing my tail a fair bit lately. The previous owner gave me no information as to what had been done and didn't even know about the G4 plug-in ECU. I'm still unsure as to why this motor was used and what the plans were let alone what has actually been tampered with but any help would be great! I've had to run over most of the loom and found its been spliced, and checked over the pinouts. Still unsure of the sensor pinouts as some sensors have been chopped/changed. The car has been running before with quite some grunt to it, but after it was stolen earlier this year and the battery was discharged it had a few fault codes and issues that were intermittent with the sensors/electrical system. Could this have internally damaged the ECU or the electronics in general? The main thing I want to know is if anyone has a base map for this motor? If not would it be best to start with the V1-V2 base map then go though and change the parameters to suit the N/A EJ22, or would it be best to start fresh or even with a different base map? I'm looking to just get the thing on the road to get around until I have enough money to put the proper setup in it. Thanks in advance.
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