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Found 4 results

  1. I have a modified Mini R53 engine (aftermarket Thumper TPR2 head, TVS 900 supercharger and Schrick Cam) for which I recently had a G4+ installed. For reference, additionally to the ECU the following components were also installed prio to the tune: AEM X-Series Breitband UEGO AFR wideband controller 30-0300A CatCams 469 cam 550 injectors smaller SC pulley (60mm, coming from 70mm) The car was running fine with the OEM ECU and previous parts. The tune it got on the G4+ + having the new parts installed obviously helped it a lot and it is also running well overall and I am really happy so far, BUT the way the engine now comes back to idle after coming off the throttle is quite odd IMHO. IDLE Questions The following idle issues occur (please bear with me as I am firstly a noob to ECU tuning altogether and my technical/engineering background is limited - so basically some of the worst credentials to be doing a deep dive into this whole topic in general): When coming off higher engine loads (throttle position usually > 50% & always > 3,000 RPM) and letting the engine "run out" (throttle position = 0) idle rpm drops well under 1,000rpm and the engine almost dies/stalls (EML light shortrly lights up as when it stalls). It then feels like it tries to counteract that by reving up shortly with a short "blip" up to 2.000 rpm. The engine/ECU keeps doing that over and over again if I let it. When @ < 3,000rpms and laying off the thottle it only slightly dips under 1,000rpm and then also only slightly goes up as above but only once and only up to about 1.200rpm - and then is stops doing it (as opposed to the above described behaviour). With this I could live - the afore mentioned issue #1 is a real pain though... When in lower rpms (<3,000rpm) and during mellow driving / cruising and changing gears and as soon as I lay off the throttle, the rpms shortly "blip" up or hover before I change into another gear. I've tried looking at idle control but can't seem to find any anomalies. Could it be realted to the wideband sensor/controler? (.pclr file and log attached for reference) Knock Count question Also, I've gotten a global knock count of 10 on my last logged drive (including spirited revving up to the limiter) Is this something to worry about or can I disregard this? I'm told these knocks can be disregarded - if so, the only question is how can I tell when it's becoming critical? For me personally, any number > 5 in my global knock count after a short drive is critical or am I being to picky about it? Log 2019-05-6 8;39;17 pm.llg Thank you in advance for any input you might have on how I could get this sorted out (specially the above mentioned idle issues) Cheers
  2. Just wondering how the launch control function works on the mini, I had seen the setting in the ecu and thought it might be handy in my mini challenge race car...my car has no ABS which means no t/c either. The one main thing I want to know is how does the car know when to go into launch and when not to?
  3. I have a R53 mini challenge cup car using the plug and play I series ecu. ..not sure if I88 or I44 or what but I can not get the laptop software to connect to the ecu. I'm having issues with my fuel pump and possible faults need to be cleared but just can not connect to the ecu..any ideas as to what to try.? I have deleted it and re down loaded it but no go...
  4. Hello, I have a G4 Plug-In (G4 Topboard Extreme, Firmware 4.10.2) for my 2003 MINI Cooper S, and I am setting up Knock Control. The diagram in PCLink Help labels Pin 8 as Knock 1, and it is the pin where the MINI Knock Sensor terminates. But when setting up Knock Control the only option is ON - DI Knk Interface. Is selecting ON - DI Knk Interface all I have to do? TIA Alan
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