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Found 7 results

  1. unable to configure my aem uego wideband with my link g4+ as i have mentioned this problem in my previous post . this is how it is at the moment wideband configure as analog volt 5 as wideband function lambda 1 calibration cal table 4 low volt is 0.00 high volt is 5.0 error value value 34.464 lambda Cal table is input value A 0.00v input value B 4.25V output units Lambda output value A 0.683 output Value B 1.264 what am i doing wrong its not showing as my aem wideband showing afrs
  2. i just installed 3sgte 4th gen intake manofild and throttle onto my 3rd gen link g4 plugin ecu i see 4th gen tp sensor has 3 wires and 3rd gen tp sensor has 4 wires so i just left a wire which is idle pinout the car starts fine tp sensor is working i want to know what to do with the idle pinout wire? or just leave it as it is ?
  3. hi i had issues with distributor spark to i thought i should go for coil on plug system with the help of link staff here it is what i did as mentioned the correct connection of pin numbers for ignition cylinder are like this.. ecu pin 20 to cylinder 1 ecu pin pin 7 to cylinder 2 ecu pin 8 to cylinder 3ecu pin 17 to cylinder 4 but if i connect with this way my car does not even start but it backfires which indicates wrong firing order so i tried myself to make it at least start so here it is what i actually did ecu pin 7 to cylinder 3ecu pin 8 to cylinder 2ecu pin 17 to to cylinder 1ecu pin 20 to cylinder 4now the car starts fine but dont know what i m doing wrong why it is not starting on the wire connections as link mentioned.. on this strings car starts fine but i m having base timing issues if i set my base timing to 10 from ecu and set the distributor timing to 10 with timing gun after that car gets retard and does not run properly and secondly my ignition timing does not stays same all the time it changes even distribuor is locked i checked my distributor it is fine kindly let me know what to do next do i need to change any other paramters i just set the ignition to direct spark nothing else..... or if there is any easiest way to get rid of distributor so please tell me if i can use any cam sensor if yes so how to wire it up ... i m just stuck on it i m also attaching my pcl file if you want to check the further settings thank you in advance. cop pcl.pclr
  4. hi, i have installed greddy fuel pressure gauge and i can find only 2 wires on the sensor black and red ...how can i use it as data logging ? also what will be the calibration method? analog input ?
  5. hey everyone i have got denso 3 bar map sensor , omni 7 bar map sensor what would i select for omni 7 bar map sensor i can see only 7 bar in menu is this i need to choose ?? and what about for denso 3 bar map sensor i can see only 2.5 bar and gm 3 bar in menu the rest are different please confirm me or should i go for omni 7 bar ?? link g4+ plugin 3sgte st 205
  6. hello everyone ... i am using link g4+ plugin for st205 3sgte just wants to raise some boost so i switched to GM 3 bar map sensor i need calibration for this sensor the part number i can see is 039-4245 on the top and 41-17406 at the bottom also the wiring diagram i need i can see written on the sensor and the grip is C-B-A i have attached sensor picture reference kindly let me know what to do .... thank you i saw gm bar in my link software selected that but thats not working i dont know what m i doing wrong
  7. hello to all link forum members i need some help regarding setting up my fic 1450 low impedance fuel injectors in the application toyota 3sgte st205 with link g4+ i do not have the injector data because i found these injectors used ones i need injector dead time table and the short pulse adder table to run the car properly. i already have the injector resistor pack for low impedance injector. any help will be highly appreciated . thank you all in advance attached the injector picture below .
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