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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Folks, I have a Link G4 Supra plugin hardware version 1.0 in my Single 6 speed MKIV Supra. Recently I wanted to add 2 more digital inputs however I have already used all I can on the expansion connector. I found that in a JSPEC MKIV manual Supra DI4 is an electrical load sensor and DI5 is the start signal. These are not being used so I used DI4 for my clutch switch for the flat shift and had planned to use the DI5 as a switch to enable or disable another function. I have set both DI4 and DI5 up as GP inputs, toggle type, pullup on, on level low and active edge falling. When I ground DI4 I can see a change, when I ground DI5 there is no response. I have checked all the obvious things like wires all ok, cable is tight into the loom connector ect but I can't figure out what is wrong. Can anyone give me a pointer as to what I might have overlooked? Thanks, Johnny
  2. hello i'm new here to this forum....just upgarded my 2000 supra 2jzgte vvti to single turbo..we went for the vi-pec i88. We have an issue regarding the cam sensor....As its vvti it has 1 cam sensor not 2 like normal gte.the cam for vvti has 3 pick ups (teeth) vs gte has only has one,as for that we're experiencing some problem faults.maybe someone could help.thank you
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