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Found 4 results

  1. Landrover 3.9 V8 with Atom

    Hi everyone We have a couple offroad 4wd trucks fitted with the Landrover 3.9 injected V8. We run into constant issues with high idle speed, rich running, cold starts and very poor fuel economy, all of which are difficult to diagnose in the field without proprietary Landrover diagnostics equipment. The factory ecu controls the injectors in 2 batches, one for each bank of 4 cylinders using a number of input sensors (which have a habit of failing) and separate narrow band O2 sensor in each manifold for feedback. We are considering the idea of fitting an Atom to control idle speed and fuel only (with the potential to move from the distributor to wasted spark ignition in the future). A few queries: Can an Atom be customised to control the injectors in the factory manner? (ie batch fire on each bank rather than alternating cylinders like reccomended in the help file). Each injector loom has a resistance of only 4.5 ohms, if we wire 2 inj drives to each bank will this draw too much current? Will the existing engine speed trigger from the dizzy be sufficient for the g4+ to do fuel only? If anyone has encountered other potential difficulties with this installation, your comments would be appreciated. More info about the existing landrover system can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucas_14CUX
  2. 3uzfe basemap running too rich

    Hi all I have my 3uzfe running off the 1uz vvti basemap on my link G4+ xtreme but its running pretty rich at the moment. I'm going to be converting to MAP and wideband before i take it to my tuner, but for now i am just running MAF and narrowband. Is there anything i can do to lean it out abit? I just want to be able to run in up to temperature and make sure everythings okay before i take it to the dyno as its quite a long drive to get there and don't want to have any problems, but its super smokey and rich. I've uploaded my basemap with a log of it running for around 30 seconds. I will be doing MAP conversion and Link can lambda in the next month. Many thanks Rich running map.llg Rich running map 3uz.pclr
  3. 3uzfe e throttle

    Hi there I've finally got my 3uzfe running in my is200. I used the 1uz vvti basemap and it started first time after i set up my inputs and outputs. I'm very new to tuning / ecus and link software so be gentle! Haha I have a aux 9 and 10 supply error voltage lower than expected for my e throttle. I can see throttle position (11%) but obviously my throttle body isn't working. I understand there is alot of setting up / calibrating to do, but i'd like to get this done before i take the car for mapping. Does anyone have any tips / pointers on how i can set this up? My accelerator pedal works and is calibrated. Is this error due to wiring (which i know is 100% correct and even switched the wires around to test) or is it because a parameter / pid isn't set correctly and is flagging this fault up? Many thanks David
  4. DBW issue on LSX motor

    Got involved wit a LSX in a S13 drift car last week , when I tried to calibrate the TP i was getting the following fault code. Any thoughts/idea please