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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I hope someone can help me. Car is old vw beetle and i try to get more than 500bhp out of it. Had struggles past 3 years, but i really hoped to join my friends next weekend for my first dragrace. On the dyno, with load, the car is "buggering" or misfires. My "dynoguy" says there is not clean enough trigger signal, so the ecu does not now exactly were crank position is and misfires. I have tried 3 different triggerweel setups with VR sensors, and had several dyno attempts, also rerouted the shilded trigger cable so its far away from power wires. I have a friend with same type V44 and i borrowed his ecu last night, but could not hear any approvements or see any on the log. I have log files if someone could look at them. My "Dynoguy" also told me to log RPM-rate, so i did. But was this data mean? I really hoping for help. Edit: I Have attached engine map and log from yesterday. Just started it on trailer. min-ecu-Log 9-08-17 9;24;20 pm.llg Turboroadster-09-08-2017.pcl
  2. Hi! Can anyone here provide info on whether the G4 Extreme supports the VW Quickstart Camsync pattern? I am currently working on a VW R32 VR6 engine and the goal is to run variable valve timing on both the intake and the exhaust cam. Also fully sequential fuel and spark. Here's a picture of what the camsync pattern looks like. I've heard that the latest firmware for the G4 should support this pattern?
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