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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Thank you for your attention. I need help with my Subaru WRX STI 2011 JDM EJ207. I have implemented my Link G4+ fury with my car. But my engine does not increase rpm more than 5500rpm. Under 5000 rpm works fine. I've tried changing my ignition timing from 45 BTDC to 0 BTDC but it does not have any effects. I've also double checked my dwell table, Ignition delay, Ignition charge time as same as shown in help in PCLink that it's same as the EJ20 quad AVCS configuration. Do you have any guesses? Thank you very much.
  2. Hi, I recently purchased a Link 3-4 for my car however my car carries 4 plugs instead of 3.... now I called u guys and someone said that it can be repinned so rather than shipping all the way back to Austraila from Jamaica Im gonna go through with it.... one thing I want to know though... I see ignition1 and ignition2 twice on the pinout... my ECU is supports the 4 coil system which is a sequential fire and has 4 ignition outputs while the version 3 has 2 but this ECU has 4 ignition outputs that's being used and also two more auxiliary outputs for a total of 6... so could I connect my two coils to that pin and run the sequential fire? Also what are the unused pins for in the ECU... would love if you guys could send me a full pinout of this ECU so I can get it in the car properly.... please and thanks!
  3. Troubles with Modeled fuel strategy

    Hello everyone, I am having some troubles with getting my v9 EJ207 to run on the modeled fuel strategy. I can get it to run on the stock ECU and I have run the car on the traditional mode as well. The car is basically stock aside from Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors and a walbro 255lph pump. I am using the "spec-c" intake mounted IAT, factory ECT and factory V9 MAP sensor. I have a PLX SM-AFR wideband (not yet hooked up to the ECU, I have lambda corrections turned off so I assumed this will not affect the ability to run the car). As far as the map goes I have left everything as it comes from LINK aside from adjusting the PS voltage code, Tacho fix, switched to modeled in the "Fuel Main" tab added injector size info, latency and injector short PW adder tables. Number of cylinders is correct, engine size is correct, VE table is the LINK factory table, I'm running 91oct fuel, so I left the fuel density as from the factory as well. Fuel pressure is 43.5 as well. I can only get the car to run when I size the injectors at ~400cc, as I raise the injector size, the lamda leans out. Alternately I can lower the fuel pressure to ~20psi and it will let me raise the injector size closer to the true size, but my factory fuel pressure regulator is not a 20psi regulator. Does anyone have any pointers? I have included the map I am working on. I'm much more familiar with megasquirt and I'm sure I am overlooking something easy, any help is appreciated! 1000cc Modeled WRX V9 G4+ Xtreme Plugin.pclr
  4. Running Subaru Dual AVCS Heads

    Hello, I have a Vipec Subaru V1-2 Ecu that I would like to run a set of newer dual avcs heads with, both intake and exhaust cams. Here is my current wiring, and my proposed wiring...it looks like it should work to me, but I wanted to get verification on this idea though. Currently I am running an Sti ej20g setup but I will convert the intake to a V7-8 style sti intake with drive by cable, and v10 sti style dual avcs heads, I've noted how some of the Aux and Digital inputs will be freed up. Thanks for the help! Current Wiring New AVCS Wiring Aux 1 – ISC Sol. Slave VVT Cam Solenoid (ISC Slave Removed as per Sti V7-8 manifold Aux 2 – ISC Solenoid VVT Cam Solenoid Aux 3 – Tacho VVT Cam Solenoid Aux 4 – Boost Solenoid VVT Cam Solenoid (Boost controlled via MBC) Aux 5 – Fuel Pump Fuel Pump Aux 6 – Aircon Clutch Tacho Aux 7 – Purge ISC Solenoid (Purge Controlled via Hobbs Switch) Aux 8 – CE Light CE Light Injector Drive 1 – Injector 1 Injector Drive 2 – Injector 2 Injector Drive 3 – Injector 3 Injector Drive 4 – Injector 4 Injector Drive 5 – Engine Fan (HS) Injector Drive 6 – Engine Fan DI 1 – Start Position DI 2 – Air Con Request VVT Cam Position DI 3 – Power Steer VVT Cam Position DI 4 – Speed VVT Cam Position DI 5 – OFF Power Steer DI 6 – OFF Speed AN Temp 1- Engine coolant Temp AN Temp 2 – Inlet Air Temp AN Temp 3 – OFF AN Volt 1 – MAP Sensor AN Volt 2 – OFF An Volt 3 – TPS (Main) AN Volt 4- Voltage 0-5v AN Volt 5 – Wideband AN Volt 6 – OFF
  5. LINK G4 pnp for USDM Ej205 WRX

    Hello all- I bought secondhand a Link Subaru PNP consisting of a G4 Storm top board. This was sold as PNP for the USDM EJ205 Subaru, but none of the trigger setup schemes match this engine. There are many Subaru schemes, including 6 cyl, v. 1-6, v. 7-9, and USDM EJ25 AVCS, but nothing specific for the USDM Ej205 I'm curious if any of you are running this app, and if so did you use a custom setup for triggering? Currently, the crank sync is producing errors, as well as a very inconsistent rpm signal, consisting of low reading and huge spikes. thanks in advance for the help!
  6. Hey guys I'm looking at purchasing a G3 link with upgraded G4 software for my version 3 Wrx but I can't find any info on the internet about what extra sensors would be required to make it run correctly and how I could check if it's not a dud ecu when I go look at it.. I would put it into my car to test if it powers up when I go look to buy it, but what things should I be looking at on it? Thanks Jordan