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Timer engine fan

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So I have the engine fan setup being controlled by the ecu via ect. I was wondering if it would be possible to use a timer to stop the fan coming on when the cars just started?

Currently if I turn the car off when it’s a few degrees off the fan activation set point and leave it for a few minutes then come back and start the car the fan kicks in straight away as the ect is above the activation set point as it’s heat soaked.  But within say 10 seconds the water has been pumped round and it’s below the set point so it goes off. 

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Yes, move the engine fan function to a virtual aux (1 in this example).  Then change the auxiliary that controls your fan relay to a GP output.  Give it 2 conditions, virtual aux 1 on and eng run time more than x seconds.  It will then have all the normal fan control conditions/setting but with the added condition that the engine must have been running for 20 seconds.


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