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wasted talent

wrx knock settings

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Hi all,

V1/2 g4+ plugin ecu, 05 wrx knock sensor in standard location, ej257 with v3 heads. Engine only has 1500km on it.

I'm constantly seeing knock from idle to redline regardless of load or timing.

only way to get a zero knock reading at idle and any rpm is to turn off cyl 1 sensing while leaving 2, 3 and 4 active.

what can cause this to occur?

will upload a pcl file later today

edit: attached most recent .pcl i have access to currently. all knock settings should still be the same iirc


current 2-4.pclr

Edited by wasted talent
added .pcl

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The gain channel is set much higher than I normally see, more typically it is 1 or 2.  Usually I would set this so you have an average knock level of about 100 reported at medium speed/load.  I would also set the start window higher - about 15deg. 

Not releavant yet but will be when tuning:  Your target table needs the Y axis changed to "MAP", it is currently set to "AN1 - MAP Sensor" which is raw voltage rather than pressure.  Clear I-trim tables should be set to ECU power on.

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