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R&D question - cylinder deactivation?

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Hi all,

Odd question about this, some OEM manufacturers allow cylinder deactivation when on cruise, usually on the much larger engine such as the Hemi powered 300c which deactivates 4 of the 8 cylinders when on cruise to save on fuel.

I was just wondering if this is something that the Link ECU could do at all? It would activate when the engine goes into closed loop fueling on cruise as you need very little power to maintain speed when on the motorway etc, even my 4 cylinder could drop to 2 cylinders.

Thought it might be something interesting to bring up as I know there are various project cars and cars running fairly large engines on this forum and it might be of interest to keep the running costs down (for example when driven to a track).


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But you also need to hold the exhaust valves open on the deactivated cylinders otherwise you just have massive pumping losses.  So not only do you need the mechanisim to do this but you also need an engine like a hemi where there is enough piston to valve clearance for the piston to travel past TDC with the exhaust valves fully open. 

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