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logging Knock ?

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hi guys i have had my knock sensor fitted and tuned .but would like to log knock data but am not sure how this works if its turned on will the knock control timing etc obviously..my tuner said there is not enough inputs for the ecu to work if there is inbuilt knock control why would this be do you think .i have a red g4 extreme. i have added knock system to logging parameter list is this the correct thing to do

cheers Ross

e85 efr turbo knock added.pcl

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Im not too sure of your question or what your tuner is on about.  The G4 ecu logging is a bit limited in that is records a fixed set of channels which doesnt include the individual cylinder knock levels.  It does log knock threshold and global knock level however.  If you want more detail you can PC log to get all parameters.  

Has this map actually been loaded into an ECU?  It doesnt look like the knock control is set up correctly, possibly because this hasnt been in a live ECU?   Knock control needs to be set to "internal".  Knock ign trim cyl 1 table needs to be zeroed out (might do this automatically when you load into an ECU)?  Knock target table needs to be set up.  

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