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Crank enrichment extrapolate

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Nah there isnt. 

It's a bit of trial and error.

I've spent a lot of time on cold start stuff, because I want my car to be as economical as possible - and cold engine really punishes you if youre just hoofing fuel in. 

The biggest difference I've found for cold start is advancing the injector timing to around about 220deg BTDC when its cold. 

When the motor is hot, and you have around 400deg BTDC its great because you're spraying fuel droplets onto the hot port and valves which makes it evaporate. 

When you have a cold engine though, it just condenses on the walls. So advancing the timing closer to TDC means you're spraying when the engine is actually sucking air in, so more ends up in the cylinder.

So you can reduce your enrichments by a whole heap and it runs just as nice.

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