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Link G4+ with GaugeArt Gauge

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I've recently picked up a GaugeArt Canbus gauge. However, it's the Haltech version...

Upon connecting to the gauge, Link G4+ is not showing as an ecu option, only, you guessed it, Haltech. 

Is there a way to configure the CAN output to suit this scenario? 

Appreciate any guidance. 



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Yep, the branded gaugeart devices are locked to that particular brand ECU in the firmware.   The Link CAN is flexible enough to be able to duplicate the Haltech stream however there is a limitation of six ID's (haltech uses many more in their full stream).  

If you attach a copy of your tune and a quick list of the channels you would like to be able to display I should be able to set it up (may not be able to give you the full channel list that is avail in the gauge).

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Thanks for the speedy reply and offer AdamW.

Guess I've just learnt something the hard way! 

The below x6 would be great: 

Coolant Temperature (An Temp 1)
IAT (AN Temp 2) 
Oil Pressure (AN Volt 5) 
MAP Sensor (AN Volt 1)
Fuel Pressure (AN Volt 6)  
Ethanol Content (DI5) 

+ AFR/Global Knock/Voltage on the chance there's more space... 

Thank you.

- Jason 

190803 Tune.pclr

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