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Waiee Emaran

link g4 atom 4age 20v no trigger signal

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hey guys! i just finish wiring link atom 2 on this 4age 20v. now im having a problem with the trigger signal, theres no signal on trigger when cranking the engine. Trigger 1 is on NE, Trigger 2 is G2 and ecu gnd is on GND. 


this is the trigger setup on my laptop, 


Trigger Mode, Multi-Tooth

Trigger Priority, Trig 1


Trigger 1 type Reluctor, level 1, Cam, 24tooth

Trigger 2 type reluctor, level 1, sync mode Cam pulse 1x

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Toyota distributors often output very low voltage at cranking speed.  Set the arming threshold like below for both trigger 1 & 2.  Report back if you get RPM displayed with that change.


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If you open the runtimes screen and go to triggers/limits, when cranking does the trig 1 & 2 signal turn green and say yes?

If not try pulling the dizzy out and spinning it by hand or with a cordless drill.  If you dont get any trigger signal then, it suggests you have a wiring problem.


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