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B18 Turbo

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Hello everyone. 

I tuned a sleeved honda b18 engine with gtw3884 garrett turbo and race fuel. After 1.5 bar engine misfires (at 1.7bar with two small misfire engine makes 612whp, you can see where are misfires on dyno graph). There is honda k20 coils installed and dwell time is 2.3ms at 14volts. Coils +12volt and ground wires all come together and diveded into 4, I’m writing this because I’m not sure if they have seperate wires from source. Spark plugs are ngk bkr8eix with 0.5mm gap. I need advise can it be the k20 coil  has not enough power or wires should be seperate or cam and crank position sensors are stock with disributor so can it be the sensor pick ups? 


Thanks in advance.


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I dont have much personal experience with the K20 coils but your dwell time sounds about right and I havent heard of others having a problem at that sort of boost level with them.  So I suspect you may have some other problem.  Please attach a log and the tune file.

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