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Subaru STI With G4 Link and OBD2 Reader.

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hello everyone.

i have a subaru sti 2002, with G4 Link Engine V7 - 9 manegment.

It installed before few months..

right now my target is to using a Torque App with Android and to get info about the car, and using a Recording at the race Track.

i Tryed with few OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner, i Put it inside (Below the Steering Wheel), and its Say Thats " Cannot connection to the car ECU." at the Application.

Can u help me please to figure it out.



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The old G4 ECU didnt have OBD2 output.  Only the newer G4+ ECU's have that capability - and for it to work you will actually need to wire the ECU CAN pins to the OBD socket - it wont just work out of the box.

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7 hours ago, Mor said:

so there is no option for me to get information about the car, by using this ecu G4 Link?...


Yes you can plug a laptop/tablet into the USB cable and see anything you want.  You can also use an app such as Realdash via USB.


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