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Virtual Analog Input Defined by a User Defined Equation?

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It would be nice if a user could add an algebraic expression in the G4+ PC Link software somewhere that can be stored as a general value (such as Virtual AN Input). Essentially I am looking for a user defined algebraic function that you can use values from other inputs on the PCM to convert into a value that can be used to control auxiliary outputs.

For instance, "|(AN Volt 1) - (AN Volt 2)| = (Virtual AN Volt 5)"...….this could be used to control an output off of differential temperature.

I don't know which would be the easiest way to allow for this, but I feel like a "Virtual AN Input" would be the ticket. Also, if there is a way to accomplish this already, please let me know. I think there is a way to accomplish this with another CAN device (such as a digital dash) to transmit values to, perform the equation in the dash, and then send the result of the equation back to the PCM, but I currently only have a CAN-Lambda module connected to the CAN bus of my G4+ Xtreme.

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