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IC Spray polarity confirm

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I set my EVO4-8 Plug-in ECU Aux out to IC Spray and connect it to IC Spray relay, I found the relay will active when I key on IG SW and relay will deactivate when IC Spray status is ON. 

My IC Spray relay coil one side connects to 12v+, another side connect to Link ECU Auxout.
There is no polarity can set and can I confirm the default polarity of the IC Spray? (sent a low voltage when it is OFF?)


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But my water spray device ON when IC Spray status is OFF, and water Spray OFF when IC Spray status is ON.

And I set Auxout to Test ON, the IC Spray will ON when polarity low, IC Spray will OFF when polarity high.

I also tried to set Auxout to GP output and it work well, IC Spray ON when GP output ON, IC Spray OFF when GP output OFF.



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I just tested this on the bench, it works correctly for me.

Inj 6 outputs 12V when IC spray status is off.  When IC spray status is on Inj6 switches to ground.  I dont think there are any settings you can get wrong but if you attach your tune file I am happy to test that too.

To eliminate wiring, can you disconnect your relay etc and just measure the output directly at the ecu header with a voltmeter or test lamp.


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It's so strange, I check this situation again before voltmeter test.

1. Key-on the IGN SW, and IC spray relay turn ON automatically (IC Spray status OFF).

2. Set Auxout to "GP output" and polarity high, then relay OFF.

3. Set polarity low and relay turn ON again.

4. I set Auxout to OFF and store setting to ECU then I key-off IGN SW.

5. Key-on IGN SW and reload my tune file ( Auxout Fuel #6 to IC Spray) then everything goes well. IC Spray relay work correctly.

I don't know what I did differently, but it's good now.

Very thanks for your kindly help.

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