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B18C Not making power it should

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Hi all recently tuned a customers car, setup is

B18C Stock block
Brian Crower cam gears dialed +1in and -1 ex
68mm throttle body
ITR intake mani
Custom header 2.5inch collector and full custom 2.75inch exhaust 

Using LINK ECU G4+

AFR at 12.8:1 At 8500rpm

Made only 201ps where stock comes 200ps..
550cc injectors and run them at 49% made the calculations and shows 230hp.

Any input on why it doesnt make at least 220-230? 



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I check a couple of cams and the spec of those cams, they look "small". I havent tune a B series with those cams, it would be interesting to see a dyno overlay with the stock cam and with that cam to see if it gaing in midrange atleast. you have the Vtec activation at 5400rpm?



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Yes vtec was set at 5400rpm.Tried 6000 makes a big dip. Tried lower than 5400 nothing really changes. 

Found a problem with the cam gears i will retune and post it. 

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