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Toyota Vios 1NZ with Auto transmission

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Has anyone wired this toyota Vios with auto transmission 1NZ 1500cc engine?

I am using a Fury ECU, factory ecu is still in place, links controlling the fuel, VVTI, ignition, and throttle body.

I need some help on the wiring for the auto transmission to retard the ignition timing when I put it in D or R gear, plus shifting on the drive.

Now the car jerks very hard because ignition time is too advance when engaged in gear and shifting.

Can tech support or anyone advise how to wire in from gearbox to links fury, so it can retard the timing for smooth engagement and shfiting?

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Need to know more about the signal from the transmission.  It would be very uncommon to have an "analog signal".  Generally older basic trans from the '90's will just be a simple on/off digital signal, but in later trans there are many other variations like frequency based or some sort of coded digital signal or CAN or multiplex/BEAN.  These newer trans usually send the not just a torque reduction request but will also tell the ecu how much to reduce it by as well as timing the shift based on feedback from the ecu.

So if you confirm how yours works I will advise if there is anyway work with it.

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