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Altezza g4+ extreme running on 3 cylinders

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Hi guys I have a problem with my engine and can’t figure it out. 
A couple a couple of days after our tuning session I tried starting up the car and it seemed like it was running on 3 cylinders. 
I unplugged the coils one by one and the number 4 coil didn’t seem to work. 
I swapped coils, plugs and injectors between cylinders and still when I disconnect number 4 coil doesn’t affect how the engine runs. 
I replaced the coils with new ones and still no effect. 
When I perform an ignition test I can hear the plugs clicking. 
My tuner suggested to perform a compression test. 
Pclink doesn’t show any errors. 

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Turn off fuel in the ecu for spark test
Take the coil out put a spark plug in it (earthing it) and try to start, see if there is spark. If not, since you say you have replaced the coil, check wiring.
If you do have spark then check injectors, make sure you can hear each one ticking. Check the plugs and wiring to the ecu. Start your troubleshooting with the basics then work up.


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