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David Pereira

E36 plug-in in S50b30

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If your is the USA S50 version then it should have the Bosch M3.3.1 which the Link plug-in is designed to replace.  The Euro S50 uses a Seimens ECU with a completely different pinout.  

So start by confirming what your original ECU is.

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This is a bosch ecu i think that only S50b32 is siemens

So if i re-wiring the vanos sensor to a empty DI and the two solenoid to a empty aux outputs, it´s enough?

because the car have a module only to control vanos "VNC" and i think that it comunicate with ECU via CAN.

My idea it´s eliminate the VNC and re-wiring to the link plug-in ECU and calibrate vtc control. It is possible

Other doubt, I have vanos only at intake cam but the system uses two solenoids, how can i calibrate which is which

Sorry about my english

Thank you for the help

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Use Aux 3 & 4 for the vanos solenoids as per below.  Set both to Inlet L/H, 50Hz.  The cam position sensor can go to DI 1-4.

Also, I think the factory connectors on the vanos solenoids have diodes in them and they need to be removed, usually just chop off the connectors and use something common like a deustch DTM or similar.


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