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I88 Fault codes, Mini Cooper s

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Had a big weekend of racing at Hampton downs and randomly lost all power 8 mins into an endurance race, eml and check engine light come on. Plugged in the lap top to clear any faults using ivts, still no good, then for the first time ever I actually saw faults come up at the top of the screen ( never knew where or how to find any stored codes etc) Faults codes 69 & 75. Is this any easy remedy and also what could have caused the issue?? I am by no means clued up on the tuning side but I do recall setting up the throttle position stuff when the ecu come back from a repair all be it with the help of team viewer at the support team




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Basically, error 69 is the original problem, it means the ECU has supplied maximum power to the throttle motor for more than 5 seconds but it never reached its target, it then assumes there is a problem and goes into safety mode, shuts power down to the throttle and this causes the error 75.  So Error 75 is most likely just a symptom of whatever caused error 69.  

The most likely cause of error 69 is either a bad TPS calibration/failing sensor, or it could be mechanically jamming/restricted.  

Probably the first step is to go to set the throttle to run with the engine off, then go to the runtimes screem and watch that TP main travels all the way to 100% when you step on the pedal.

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